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Jai Zharotia

One is all...

"I am part of some unsolved matrix of the universe. I have a firm belief; Whenever I tried to solve it, I became part of it. I became a stranger to myself, and I witnessed images come and go as I breathed. The physical world unbinds these images; they can move wherever they desire. They dance up and down, here and there, dissolve into each other and sometimes even disappear. The eternal movement of the cosmic world creates mysteries and riddles which always baffle and haunt me. It whispers to me about the intrinsic unity of celestial events. Therefore, everything comes out from ONE and returns to the ONE, and that ONE is all. 


Jai Imprint 

An initiative to promote print as an art of expression

This initiative started in 2021 in remembrance of Jai Zharotia to promote printmaking among artists and start a dialogue between old printmakers to enable experience and knowledge transfer to young printmakers.

Jai evokes an imaginative representation of life; his minimal yet fantastic watercolors are beyond the sense of the familiar. He disrupts habitual ways of seeing the world tempting with his anonymous characters—awakened forms with mysterious powers, which stimulate an illumined zone of consciousness. 

Ajay Zharotia

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A-11 Kaladham Knowledge Park 2

Greater Noida - 201310

Uttar Pradesh



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11:00 am – 4:00 pm

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