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In Search of Truth


The charm of the world of fantasy is indeed seductive as it edits life for pleasure and self-gratification. Jai's work characterizes a metaphor for man's search for truth, for answers to eternal questions raised by nature's mysteries. He evokes singularity, which is all-pervasive, oscillating between visible and the invisible, the apparent and the elusive, the conscious and unconscious. His images are potent, reverberating a constant state of dialogue within its creative space on the one hand and with the viewer on the other. This discourse elicits a liberating experience for the inner consciousness defying existence, establishing reality to the eternal singularity state. 

"Any images I conceive and recreate are a reflection of myself. Tree as if I am a tree or a floating arrow as if I am a floating arrow. Here I confess that I am completely in love with myself. I am so possessive of this 'self' of mine that I kept it intact even during my days of poverty and struggle. Sometimes I stand near the window; I get involved in the visual mystery hanging in the space. Suddenly I am a stranger to myself."

In Search of Truth

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