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Mystery & Fantasy

The most persistent of his themes come from the realm of dream and mystery. Jai mystifies reality, merging the real and the ingenious. So that ordinary experience becomes bizarre, filled with implausible suppositions. This phenomenon is often left unattended with suggestive thoughts and partial propositions, allowing the viewers to connect, decrypt or resolve the mysterious enigmas. He submerges his meditative states to paint decisive forms. Creatively mottled and conjured the tonal hysterias and illusionist representation.


"The most important aspect for me is to give form to my emotional strings. Fantasy is a more apt term. It encompasses dreams and a communicative mechanism for expressing the human experience. It is, in a sense, a liquid volume of the soul. I emote using a language of metaphors that go beyond just surface meaning. It became necessary then to search of delve into the Painting, to unfold the several layers of meaning, just like itself."

Mystery and Fantasy

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